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Adenium desert rose

Adenium are a great plant as they are drought tolerant and can be contained in pots. It doesn't matter if you have a small area as long as it gets at least half a day sun or more your adenium plant should grow fine. If you want more information on growing adenium go to our Adenium Growing Guide page where you can get more tips. Adenium can be turned into a feature by exposing the caudex each time you repot it. We have also twisted two adenium stems together to make a plait and this did not hurt the plant. The things you can do with them are endless. There are a lot of different varieties of adenium and you can read about some of these on our Adenium Varieties page.

We have been growing adenium desert  roses for 15 years and have a great range. We sell grafted and seed grown plants at our nursery. We can freight plants to most states except for WA, TAS & NT.

Contact us below to purchase adenium plants or check out our other pages we have created. Adenium are a very popular plant as you can do so much with them.  Hope you enjoy!

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