Desert Rose in our photo collection

We sell  grafted plants, seed grown plants and some mixed seeds from our nursery. We can take preorders for most of the flowers below, if you quote the photo number we can give you a price.   Purples desert rose are always hard to get the real colour when taking a photo. At the bottom of the page it says Show More click this to see lots more photo's. If you need help on how to grow adenium desert rose click on the link! To email us about purchasing go to our adenium page.

Flowering Information

Desert Rose flower in spring once they come out of dormancy which is winter. Spring is their peak flowering time but they will keep flowering most the year except for winter.

In the wet season some buds may go brown and drop from the plant this is normal and can be associated with too much water sitting on the buds and a fungal disease occurs. This usually happens in extreme wet weather. I have tried fungicides but I don't believe it helps from my experience.

Trimming desert rose as they start to come to come out of dormancy can help with flowering and give your desert rose more branches, fertilizer is also good for flowers. I use organic which is poultry manure and osmocote slow release which is a chemical fertilizer. Poultry manure will break down fairly quickly.

I often get asked why is my desert rose not flowering much. The main problem is they are not in enough sunlight. They need at least half a day or more sunlight. Try to give desert roses as much sun as possible. I have mine in full sun and sometimes I get burn marks in extreme hot weather but it seems to only affect younger plants. Having them in more sunlight also reduces diseases and pests.

Some desert rose flowers droop downwards and this is just because the flower is too heavy. This problem is usually only in multipetals.

Desert rose may also get splitting flowers which can be a nutrient problem but can also be in the genitics of the plant. It is usually only a problem in multipetals. Temperature can also cause this at times.

Drooped flowers and split flowers is usually only a problem in a low percentage of plants.