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 We sell mixed adenium desert rose seeds from our facebook page. Its always great to see what comes out of the seeds! Join our page on facebook to see what we have for sale by clicking on the facebook button below!   We are an Australian distributor  for Leo Bma! Join our seeds group by clicking on this link Adenium Seeds Australia

Adenium seed

Collection of seeds

If you want a good germination of adenium seed you need to collect fresh seed. I have brought seeds from some sellers and germination rates are low but I have been very happy with Leo Bma's germination rates.  Once you get seed pods to form and mature you can tie a bit of string around the pod so it has less chance of opening fully and loosing the seeds as the wind will pick them up very quickly. 

Seed pods must start to open before picking and then I pull all the seeds out and let them dry before I plant them. If seed pods are picked early the seeds will not germinate. I take the feathery ends from the seeds before planting.

Growing Guide

My prefered method of growing seeds is to use searls seed raising mix and place some in a tray about 4cm thick. I then wet the soil and place the seeds on top and cover them with about half a cm of soil 5mm. I then wet the soil and place the tray into filtered sunlight. You need good warm weather for best germination rates. Once the soil is wet I do not rewet untill the soil starts drying out. The seeds can start germinating from around 4 days to 2 weeks but I have usually found it takes about 7 days. After a couple of weeks seedlings can be given more sunlight as long as they don't go into extreme sunlight straight away do it gradually.

Planting Seedlings Out

Adenium seedlings can be planted out in a couple of months or longer. I always use smaller pots to start with as it allows for more drainage and better air circulation around the root system. Remember when planting out seedlings if young plants are in extreme heat they can burn. We are in North Queensland so we get extreme heat in summer! I also  supply tips on germinating adenium seeds with seed purchases!